Updating to latest version

This page describes how to update the DoGPack code to the latest version. The updating process will only work if you already have DoGPack properly installed (see installation page). If you encounter any difficulties in the update process, please send e-mail to the discussion group.

Updating via Git

Move into the main DoGPack directory:


Pull the latest revisions from the DoGPack git repository:

$ git pull

Safely recompiling code

If the update has significant changes, especially those that affect the library files, the best course of action is to recompile the entire DoGPack code. Do this by first moving into the desired application directory, e.g.:

$ cd $DOGPACK/apps/2d/euler/radial_shock

Then do a full removal of all obect files through the following command:

$ make cleanallo

Finally, recompile the code:

$ make